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UnderForged was a two week prototype created by the Skyward team. Please note that this prototype does not represent the full vision of the game.

Take on the role of a blacksmith and fill orders by smelting, lathing and crafting swords. Fill as many orders to earn coin (score) but be careful, Goblins are invading to destroy your forge! This game is local co-op with up to four players.

Let us know what score you achieved and if you want to see the game go further in the comments!

Please note: This prototype is only playable using a gamepad/controller.

L Joystick - Movement
A - Basic attack
B - Strong attack
X - Interact/Pick-up/Drop
Y - Dance!
R2 (hold) - Order list
L1/R1 - Toggle crafting component (use on lathe/forge/anvil)

Install instructions

Download ZIP file, extract contents, run the executable. Make sure all the files are in the same folder.


UnderForged.zip 171 MB

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