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Stolen Time A.K.A Time Thief was a working prototype created in two weeks by our team at Skyward.

Jump, wall-hop, teleport, stop and reverse time on objects to make your way through the abandoned laboratory.

The prototype was highly experimental and we took mechanical inspiration from 'Celeste' and art inspiration from 'The Last Night'. 

The game was created using 3d and 2d elements in Unreal Engine.

-Changed alt + click to ctrl + click for projectiles
-Fixed some dodgy hitboxes, wires should now accurately show the deathbox.
-Added tool-tip to laser room for further clarity
-Added ambiance
-Tweaked sound values

WASD - Movement
Space - Jump/wall-jump
LMB/RMB - Reverse/Stop time burst
Ctrl + LMB/RMB - Reverse/Stop time projectile

Install instructions

Download the file, extract the contents and double click the executable. Note: You will need all the files to be in the same folder for the game to run.


Stolen Time.zip 228 MB


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Added updates based on comment feedback. See update log in description.


That Alt gave me some fingerache but other than that, things went pretty smooth. :)

Awesome play-through! Thanks for the review. I agree, ctrl was probably a better choice for keyboard and was a foresight as it was mainly tested on controller. You got past the last level very quickly, I'm impressed.

Practice makes perfect. ;) 


Not a bad start, a lot of the mechanics are really solid, but it doesn't quite feel fleshed out yet. The lack of ambient audio kinda deadens the whole experience and a few of the puzzle and damage elements were a little difficult to figure out. Definitely a great foundation though!

Thanks for the review and for putting up with some of the rougher design flaws! I Totally agree with you on the sound. We had a great ambience pack we made but unfortunately we didn't get it in before the deadline! So maybe we will get around to throwing them in. 

I completely understand that student deadlines can have a massive impact on the final product and I should have been a little more conscientious of that in my feedback :)