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Mythos party was a 2 week production by Skyward Games thereby the prototype does not fully represent the final vision of the game.

This prototype is being taken to a full 32 week production so keep an eye on this space! In the mean time feel free to enjoy this party game up to four players (LAN).

Goal: Hack, slash, dash and destroy your opponents utilizing one of three God powers in this mythos inspired battle arena. Choose between Hades, Zeus or Poseidon and earn glory through combat to become the ultimate victor!

-End screen doesn't correctly display winner
-Wind wall is not correctly displayed however it will still knock players back as intended (this is not a bug)
-To play with friends host a game and give them your IP, if over the internet you will need to port forward.

WASD - Movement
Mouse - Character/spell aim
LShift (Hold) - God spell (aim)
LShift (Release) - God spell (fire)
Left Mouse Button - Basic attack
Right Mouse Button - Buckler
LCtrl - Charge attack
Space - Blink
E - Podium interact

Install instructions

Download and extract ZIP file. Make sure all contents of the file are in the same folder and run the executable. 


Mythos Party Final.zip 293 MB

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