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system requirements?

Not sure what the min requirements are but I can run it on a gtx960, amd6350

Hello again! I got into the game and gave it a try, the core wave based section is pretty good, but I had to try it without having completed the tutorial. Either the skybox or the emissive materials on the gun is triggering Unreal's adaptive lighting and making the tutorial pitch black. I was only able to see the ammo counter and text a lot of the time I was in there. I'd suggest adding a ceiling and some lighting in there so that you can see what you're doing and learn the mechanics of the game :)


Oh sorry about that! I'll add to the notes that the tutorial level was a last minute addition before we pushed the assignment and it quite broken, I agree! Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks for letting me know that the file was corrupt - I have re-uploaded and tested the file. It should work now! :)


The zip file is empty, please reupload by zipping it up properly or use RAR or 7z to zip it.


Hey there! The screenshots look awesome, but it looks like there's an issue with the download. Itch is saying the file size is 0 and attempting to extract it shows an error saying it's corrupt.